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The Nika Alpin Training and Testing Center

We at Nika Alpin have created an all-season center to train and test skiers in one of the best locations in Europe offering cutting-edge technologies to both the professional athlete and the recreational skier or snowboarder.

An athlete using the simulator

Our unique preseason program for alpine skiers and snowboarders

By using our simulator in conjunction with other sports diagnostic methods, we were able to determine the model characteristics of an alpine skier or a snowboarder.

This allows us to most effectively utilize a skiing simulator during the preseason to minimize the risk of injury to the athlete. Injury prevention is so much better than injury treatment!

This is why our Center has launched a new program for skiers of various levels, “Prepare yourself for the winter sports season!”

The program includes:

The SkyTech Simulator

The underlying principle behind SkyTech technology is this: we faithfully reproduce every movement, every force, every acceleration an athlete experiences on the slopes. The biomechanics of movement on the simulator corresponds exactly to a descent down the slope, and that is the key to the most effective training of every aspect of modern carving technique.


Our Testing Program

Our testing program is designed for both the professional athlete and the winter sports enthusiast. We evaluate the athlete's physical capacity (their cardiovascular system, their energy metabolism, their respiratory system, lactate kinetics) and their current fitness level.